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Ananya Lipe Service in the international food and beverage section, allowing customers to choose according to their needs. Both European-style food, Thai food, Japanese food and a place to relax at night. good for dinner And drink chill in front of the beach.


Art Beach

Art Beach Club is a stylish place to relax and party on the most famous Pattaya beach on Lipe Island. It is the only beach club in Lipe that is in the resort and the location is not far from Lipe Walking Street. Art Beach Club offers a variety of drinks where you can enjoy watching the sunset in the sparkling Andaman Sea. while you can order a variety of dishes such as the lobster burger. A selection of music played by resident DJs located above the pool bar - mostly R&B, jazz and chill out, which alternates with live bands on top Beach.

Steak House

Steakhouse, a meeting point with various original flavors with a wide variety of all you can eat menu here located at the entrance of Koh Lipe Walking Street decorated to show the lifestyle and happiness of Koh Lipe way of life. exactly And has a dreamlike atmosphere of Lipe. Open 11am to 10pm. Usually when hungry when they stop by they will order pizza, steak or something. This restaurant offers a wide selection of dishes including fine Australian beef ribeye. To complete the experience, pair your tenderloin steak with a collection of Old World and New World wines for you to choose from.

Sugoi Teppanyaki

The cosy setting and views the beach. Sugoi lipe menu presents carefully crafted Japanese specialities that feature seasonal ingredients. With passionate chefs at the helm, dining at Sugoi Lipe is a culinary delight, with signature offerings including a wide selection of sushi and sashimi, tempuras, Teppanyaki, and much more. Dinner at the Teppanyaki counter is an exciting dining experience. Teppanyaki offerings include Wagyu beef, freshly landed seafood and fish.

Pattaya Restaurant

Pattaya Restaurant Located in front of Pattaya Beach of Koh Lipe. can sit and eat Or sip a drink with a view of the sea. spacious area Beautifully decorated, suitable for sitting and talking and relaxing. There are staff available at all times.

Sky Bar

Sky bar, a restaurant ready to serve everyone in the evening. Dine on special European-style dishes such as steak, pizza, spaghetti and many more. Ready to enjoy watching the sunset in the evening. When the sun goes down, you can soak up the view of the sky and sip wine to relax on your vacation. You can bring your own wine or you can pick one up from the resort. The resort has prepared a selection of fine wines, red and white wines for everyone to choose from to fully relax with the atmosphere.

Shine Bar

Shine Bar, the amazing food, drinks & great view of Lipe Island. Shine Bar is the kind of the sunset bar reputation for coolness and a worry-free atmosphere. Settled right on the roof of Steak House. It is the exactly what you are looking for: an affordable local venue at which you can unwind while watching the sun disappears behind the horizon on the Andaman Sea. The menu of this cool and chic with classic cocktails as well as their signature cocktails all just reasonable prices.

Lagoon Bar

The lagoon bar is a bar in the middle of the pool that is ready to serve all guests. Enjoy and relax on holiday with a variety of drinks menu with a splash in our pool. We have a service point to sit in the pool while watching the bartender's performance.

Ananya Seafood

Ananya Seafood is a fresh seafood street food spot. By focusing on fresh food in order to cooperate with the local people to help the villagers in the area. Objects are therefore fresh every day. and rare objects at great prices.

Special Events

Ananya Lipe will hold a big event during the festival according to both Thai and foreign traditions. The hotel will inform the customers who will be staying in advance.


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