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Ananya Hotel has many facilities. To serve all customers such as laundry service, meeting room, fitness center, Thai massage, souvenir shop, customers can ask for more information from the staff in the hotel.


Laundry Services

Traveling to the sea, experiencing both the wind and mist from the sea, a diving trip that every tourist must encounter. For all of you who are worried about clothes that are exposed to this sea scent. Don't worry because Ananya offers laundry, drying and ironing services. The service fee is only 100 per kilogram. You can wait to pick up the clothes the next day immediately.

Ananya Massage

Traveling to the sea, choose to stay with Ananya All of you will get a complete rest. Whether accommodation by the sea good service A full stay is to be pampered. A good relaxation is a massage. Ananya offers a wide range of massages, including Thai massage, oil massage, and the sea breeze of Pattaya Beach.

Fitness Room

For those who love health and want to exercise. Don't worry, Ananya offers a fitness center for everyone to exercise to the fullest. Ananya has both treadmills. bike chest muscle exercise machine Dumbbells of various sizes for service users to choose from.

Souvenir Shop

Travel to Lipe There must be some handy items for people at home and at work. You don't have to travel far because Ananya has a souvenir shop. whether it is a souvenir The famous dry food of the south Our gift shop is ready to serve you.

Kid Club

For kids, we have a kids club room ready for kids to have fun. There are ball houses, slide houses, worm tunnels, rocking horses and rocking giraffes, ready for children to rest as much as adults.


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